Lessons Learned in Combating Piracy Could be Applied to Mediterranean Migration Crisis

Lessons Learned in Combating Piracy Could be Applied to Mediterranean Migration Crisis

BROOMFIELD, Colorado—Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a program of the One Earth Future (OEF) Foundation focused on reducing violence at sea, in cooperation with OEF Research, has released a new report which examines how the response to the Somali piracy crisis could make crossing the Mediterranean safer for refugees.

The report points out that although the Mediterranean migration crisis is very different from maritime piracy, many of the same groups are impacted. The lessons of counter-piracy suggest that by bringing together key international stakeholders to agree on implementing a coordinated set of responses, dangerous maritime situations can be identified, addressed and contained.  What worked in addressing the crisis of Somali piracy can help to solve this emerging problem.

According to Dr. Conor Seyle, director of the OEF Research program and co-author of the report, “The international maritime community—governments, shipping industry, maritime security and civil society actors—all have an interest in reducing the dangers experienced by refugees crossing the Mediterranean. But this is a diverse group with different perspectives, motivations and interests that need to be coordinated.”

Jens Madsen, senior project associate for Oceans Beyond Piracy and co-author of the report, concludes, “We cannot paint all maritime and non-traditional security issues with the same brush, but we can learn from similar challenges that have been successfully addressed. Coordination among a network of stakeholders is effective in solving current crises, particularly in global commons like the high seas.”

The full report is available for download.

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About the Authors:
Dr. Conor Seyle is the director of OEF Research.  OEF Research, a think-tank and program of One Earth Future, produces and promotes empirical research supporting peace and security.  In his role at OEF Research, Dr. Seyle has published several pieces on maritime security and the role of non-state actors in addressing maritime issues, as well as other work on peace and security issues.  He is a political psychologist and holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Texas.

Jens Vestergaard Madsen is a senior project associate for the Oceans Beyond Piracy program at One Earth Future. He has authored and co-authored several pieces on maritime piracy and cross-sector cooperation, in particular focusing on identifying effective and transferable solutions to non-traditional maritime security threats. He holds a Master of International Cooperation degree from Seoul National University, as well as a BSc degree in Business Administration and Chinese Language from Copenhagen Business School.

About One Earth Future and Oceans Beyond Piracy:
OEF is a self-funded, private operating foundation seeking to create a more peaceful world through collaborative, data-driven initiatives. We focus on enhancing maritime cooperation, creating sustainable jobs in fragile economies and our research contributes to thought leadership on global issues. As an operating foundation, One Earth Future provides strategic, financial and administrative support allowing our programs, such as OBP, to focus deeply on complex problems and to create constructive alternatives to violent conflict.

OBP was launched in 2010 as OEF’s first implementation program to encourage and support the development of a long-term, sustainable and peaceful solution to maritime piracy through engaging all relevant maritime stakeholders.